Compuware Integrates Verity Ultraseek with its OptimalView Application

Nov 21, 2003

Verity Inc. has announced that Compuware Corp. has selected the Ultraseek technology to provide the search and indexing capabilities within its OptimalView application. The Ultraseek technology was formerly known as Inktomi Enterprise Search prior to its acquisition by Verity in December 2002. Verity Ultraseek's extensible architecture and integration capabilities enable Compuware to integrate OptimalView with other third party products without extensive programming efforts, resulting in a complete customer solution with a single user interface. Ultraseek is a downloadable search engine that can be deployed for organizations of all sizes that need to locate intellectual capital contained in multiple file formats within and outside of their enterprises. It is designed to provide superior search relevance, with administration capabilities, reliability, and low cost of ownership. The product's intelligent, adaptive spider indexes all of the enterprise data into a common Ultraseek Index that is searchable with a single query.

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