CompassLearning Deploys Centra

Nov 21, 2003

Centra Software, Inc. has announced that CompassLearning, Inc. has deployed Centra's Web collaboration software to deliver real-time online professional development services to school systems nationwide for the implementation and use of its Web-based educational technology, CompassLearning Odyssey. CompassLearning Odyssey is a Web-based educational technology product designed to align curriculum and student achievement with state and national standards required by the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act. The technology helps educators assess each student's performance, prescribe high quality reading, math, and other curriculum areas, and report each student's performance data required by NCLB.

Centra is being used to deliver online courses that address topics such as how to improve student achievement and develop strategies for implementing technology in the classroom. CompassLearning is also using Centra internally to facilitate online meetings, corporate communications, and training. With approximately 250 employees nationwide, Centra has become a communications vehicle to deliver new hire training, and facilitate meetings and on-demand training among the consultants and sales force. The company's product developers in the U.S. and Germany are also using Centra to collaborate on projects and share data.

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