Compare Google Search Performance On Mobile Versus Desktop With New Searchmetrics KPIs

Mar 24, 2015

Search and content optimization provider, Searchmetrics, has introduced a new set of KPIs in its software that give digital marketers an at-a-glance indication of how visible their web pages are in Google's mobile search results compared with search results displayed on desktop or laptop computers.

The new desktop vs. mobile visibility metrics, available within the company's Searchmetrics Suite software, provide individual scores for desktop visibility and mobile visibility, together with a percentage overlap metric which indicates the percentage of keyword search results for which a site appears in exactly the same position in both. Separate metrics are provided for comparing desktop with mobile search performance in both organic and paid search results.

Within the Searchmetrics Suite it is possible to drill down in greater detail to view how a website performs in mobile search results for specific keywords, including localized results in 468 city-search engine combinations around the world.