Communicator Inc Launches Hub Connex Secure Business Connectivity Suite

Nov 18, 2003

Communicator Inc, a provider of identity-based communications solutions for business, government, and the extended enterprise, has announced the general availability of Hub Connex, a secure business connectivity suite that is designed to connect people to information in real-time. Hub Connex is built on an open, modular platform integrating content distribution, alerting, discussion forums, standards-based enterprise instant messaging and presence, and identity-based directory services.

Hub Connex is built on Communicator's Hub ID identity management technology. Authentication, authorization, and administration tools allow customers to maintain control of their identity information while granting permissioned users access to other people, information, applications, and Web sites across communities using a single ID and password. Customers can use Hub Connex either as a stand-alone application or within Web sites and applications. Hub Connex is designed to fit in with managed desktop environments and includes automated deployment options, full administrative controls and audit/compliance tools. Hub Connex also works though firewalls without requiring network security modifications. Communicator Inc is offering two versions of Hub Connex: the all inclusive, full service Professional edition or the more flexible Enterprise edition.

There are five modules of Hub Connex: Content Distribution ("Content Channels")--Content channels allow customers to publish internal and/or third party information to users' desktops. Users can view either an individual content channel or numerous channels simultaneously. Filter criteria are dynamically generated based on the content provided and administrator tools allow customers to add new content channels and publish either manually using a Web interface or dynamically through an XML-based API. Global Alerts--deliver real-time alerting functionality to the desktop, notifying users of information, breaking news, market information, and events they deem important. A consolidated window displays messages, notifications, and alerts for IM conversations, Forums, and content channels. Users define their own keywords or phrases. Collaboration ("Discussion Forums")--Forums is a tool for the real-time creation and distribution of information, providing permissioned, multi-participant discussions that are designed to enable groups to hold business-style chats. Persistent transcripts allow users to access information exchanged by participants and all Forums are secure and auditable for regulatory compliance. Enterprise Instant Messaging ("Hub IM")--New in Hub Connex, Hub IM supports standards-based (XMPP and SIP/SIMPLE) instant messaging and presence. In addition, the instant messaging service is now interoperable with consumer networks as well as internal IM systems. Communicator is also offering an internal Hub IM server. Directory Services--A presence-enabled global directory provides users a consolidated view of all the organizations and people they are authorized to see, quick access to contact information, and the ability to launch communication tools such as IM and email. An open API allows customers to link directory information and related security and application services to additional communication channels such as telephony, Web conferencing, and wireless.

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