CommonTime Releases mSuite 4.2

Mar 31, 2006

CommonTime has announced the release of CommonTime mSuite 4.2. mNotes (part of mSuite) enables the use of Lotus Notes functionality on a handheld device. mSuite allows business users to stay up-to-the minute with secure email, address book, chat, calendar tools, and more.

Version 4.2 features: Push wake-up, where mNotes auto wake up activates sleeping devices to deliver pushed data; mSuite will automatically update the device at the beginning of every working day; Inbox Reconcile functionality on Windows Mobile Pocket PC devices is designed to ensure the read /unread status and delivery of messages is accurate; voice and data interaction for converged Windows Mobile devices ; and notification for calendar items occurs for events up to 1 year in the future rather than 30 days.