Command Financial Press launches CAPS Based on IXIASOFT’s TEXTML Server; University of Buffalo Deploys TEXTML Server

Dec 03, 2004


IXIASOFT has announced that Command Financial Press, a full service financial printer, is launching a new content management solution for prospectus automation called CAPS. IXIASOFT has also announced that University of Buffalo (UB) has implemented TEXTML Server to manage its online library data.

Aimed at financial institutions, law firms, and large corporations, CAPS (Command Automated Publishing System) has integrated IXIASOFT's flagship product TEXTML Server to manage XML content. CAPS was designed by a team of legal, technical, and investment specialists in consultation with clients in the investment company community to ensure the solution would be end-user driven. Command Financial Press is positioning CAPS as a content management and publishing solution intended to enable their customers to more effectively manage the production of prospectuses and other financial documents. By integrating TEXTML Server to CAPS, users can re-purpose components from existing content to dynamically generate complex financial documents on the fly or update multiple existing documents stored in the secure repository. CAPS also allows text and table editing with Microsoft Word and Excel, meaning that clients are able to manage, assemble, and update information using familiar environments. The CAPS solution was developed with the assistance of Fjord Interactive, a system integrator and VAR partner of IXIASOFT, based in Montreal, Canada.

IXIASOFT has also announced that UB has implemented TEXTML Server to manage its online library data. The University at Buffalo was founded in 1846 as a private medical college and merged with the State University of New York system in 1962. With over 2 million catalogue pages to manage, including books, serials, electronic resources, and other library materials, the University Libraries of the University of Buffalo needed to find a solution to manage their increasing amount of library content. UB decided to develop their custom library catalogue system using TEXTML Server. By integrating IXIASOFT's native XML database to their library catalogue system, UB expects to leverage the XML standard and provide users with advanced searching capabilities.