Comm100 Upgrades Live Chat

May 30, 2013

Comm100, a provider of enterprise-level customer service and communication solutions, announced an upgrade to its Comm100 Live Chat solution that further optimizes the platform's capabilities for mobile devices.

The upgrade includes a redesigned visitor interface for mobile devices to allow users to smoothly connect to chat conversations. Comm100 Live Chat users who used to access the service as a visitor on their mobile devices had to navigate the website version. This required the users to manually pinch and zoom the screen in order to properly see all of the features.

Mobile users can now access optimized visitor-side windows such as the pre-chat, chat, post-chat rating, and offline message windows which are now redesigned in layout and size for mobile viewing. These windows are purpose-built for mobile and represent an industry-leading move for Comm100. The upgrade also includes an updated app for iPhone and iPad devices that enables operators to remotely chat with website visitors.