Colligo Contributor Version 2.1 Integrates Microsoft Office SharePoint into Outlook

May 08, 2007


Colligo Networks Inc., a provider of desktop collaboration solutions, has announced Version 2.1 of Colligo for SharePoint, which includes a new Add-in for Microsoft Office Outlook designed to enable users to store and manage emails, documents, and metadata in SharePoint. With Version 2.1, email metadata, attachments, and message fields can be synchronized to web-based SharePoint sites by drag-and-drop within Outlook.

The Outlook Add-in enables users to link SharePoint 2007 document libraries to Outlook folders using a "Connect to Outlook" feature. Two-way synchronization can ensure users are always looking at the most current SharePoint information within Outlook. Users can: synchronize SharePoint document libraries to Outlook folders; drag-and-drop emails, attachments, and documents to Outlook Add-in; set-up Outlook rules to automatically add/copy emails to SharePoint; automatically capture standard email metadata (including To, From, Subject, and Date); apply custom metadata immediately in Outlook to one or multiple files; create new documents from site templates (multiple content types); view and sort document library content; choose from online-only or offline caching configurations; and move content to SharePoint through the Outlook web client or mobile devices.

Additional new features in Colligo Contributor for SharePoint Version 2.1 support advanced synchronization and new multi-file actions. In addition to background synchronization on startup, exit, and configurable time intervals, version 2.1 immediately updates content to the SharePoint server when it is added or changed by users (if online). When the user accesses a SharePoint folder in Outlook, server changes are immediately downloaded locally to give the user access to the most current data. With Version 2.1, users can also add multiple emails and documents simultaneously to a Colligo for SharePoint document library. Users can set metadata for multiple files at the time by right clicking on a set of files and selecting Edit Properties. Colligo Contributor Version 2.1, which includes the Outlook Add-in, is currently available in single lot quantities for $125 from the Colligo online store. A 30-day trial of Colligo Contributor is available at Volume pricing for business deployments and other enquiries are also available.