Collibra Introduces “Citizen-Sourced Ratings” in New Collibra 5.4 Release

Jun 12, 2018

Data-driven organizations realize the importance of deriving value from their data for business advantage. But this can only be achieved when data citizens (anyone within the organization who uses data to perform their job) can easily access the data, understand it, and trust it. Collibra, the provider of enterprise data governance and catalog software, announced its latest product release, Collibra 5.4. Collibra 5.4 features new crowdsourced social functionality that leverages the knowledge and insights of business users across the organization to allow them to rate and review data assets and extend data governance engagement and collaboration.

Much like how consumers benefit from a five-star rating system on sites like Amazon to help guide their selection process, the Collibra 5.4 ratings and reviews functionality includes a new starred rating section on each asset page, offering users fast insights into trustworthy assets (such as datasets) and helping them make better decisions about which data to use based on trusted feedback from their peers.

Additional Collibra 5.4 Enhancements

  • Dedicated Report Catalog Page and Functionality
  • Enhanced Data Catalog Landing Page
  • License Management
  • Repository Replication
  • Enhanced Quick Search
  • An infrastructure to parse Tableau workbooks

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