Collarity’s Compass Automatically Ranks Information Based on User Interest

Nov 10, 2006

Collarity, Inc., a search technology provider, has launched the Collarity Compass, a search technology that automatically ranks information based on the implicit interests of individuals and dynamically created communities of searchers to improve relevancy. The new technology is designed to give publishers, who integrate the Compass into their site, the ability to offer their consumers control to cut through information and find the narrow slice of the web that is personally useful and interesting to them.

The Collarity Compass is designed to enable publishers to deliver more effective site and web search results by providing each visitor with the power to automatically define what is most relevant for them and provide search guidance for future searchers. Every visitor on a publisher's site becomes both an information provider and an information consumer. As site visitors search, the system automatically and anonymously gathers, organizes, and shares search knowledge. Collarity couples content relevancy and site search to improve user satisfaction.

While a site's web visitors search, the Collarity Compass creates a real-time dialog, automatically streaming relevant keywords and URLs based on the knowledge and successful search history of millions of other searchers. Collarity is delivered as a hosted web service overlay to a web publisher's existing information architecture and can be up and running in hours. In addition, there is no up-front licensing fee for publishers with websites supported by advertising. Collarity Compass is a free web service for consumers, and is generally available in beta for consumer and publisher testing.