Collabnet Sourcecast Environment Provides Collaborative Infrastructure For Motorola's Personal Communications Sector

Nov 19, 2002


CollabNet, a provider of collaborative software development solutions, has announced that Motorola's Personal Communications Sector (PCS) is using the CollabNet SourceCast environment to manage commercial development of select future projects. The CollabNet software will be used on projects that combine members from Motorola PCS' internal team along with a group of external software suppliers. The CollabNet SourceCast environment provides Motorola PCS with the necessary components for collaborative software development, including tools for software development, technical communication, knowledge management, and project administration. Use of SourceCast is expected to increase communication across the numerous participants, reduce the time involved in resolving critical business issues, and enable a diverse set of companies to work as a single entity. For various Motorola PCS projects, administrators can define the specific permissions they grant to users and can even create specific customized roles to address each participant in a project. The role-based permissions security model, within the CollabNet SourceCast environment, enables administrators to define types of users, what portions of the project they can view, and what they can modify. Project owners can create and manage individual projects, expose developers to specific levels of functionality within each project and can also authorize access to specific data and resources.