CollabNet Participates in Borland Software's Partner Program

Jan 24, 2003


CollabNet, a provider of collaborative software development solutions, has joined the Borland Technology Partner Program. In addition, CollabNet is intending to qualify Borland JBuilder a Java development environment to use source code repositories within the CollabNet SourceCast environment. The CollabNet SourceCast environment combines components of distributed development, including applications for software development, technical communication, knowledge management, and project administration. CollabNet allows corporations to combine geographically decentralized development teams, whether the team members are third-party development partners or internal employees, and provides an environment for secure and cost-effective development across an organization. The CollabNet SourceCast environment is designed to enable Web-based collaboration across the development, integration, and end-user adoption links of the software development chain. The Borland Technology Partner Program enables CollabNet to have direct access to the latest version of Borland products, technical knowledge bases, support services, and marketing and sales toolkits. Borland JBuilder is a cross-platform environment for building industrial-strength enterprise Java applications. Developers will be able to use JBuilder to check source code directly into and out of the Software Configuration Management system in the CollabNet SourceCast environment.

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