Code Green Networks Introduces Content Inspection Appliance 1500

Dec 15, 2006

Code Green Networks, a developer of solutions for protecting customer data and intellectual property, has announced the release of its Content Inspection Appliance 1500 (CI-1500) for small and mid-sized organizations in business and government. The appliance-based solution is designed to enable IT and security managers to monitor content flows, discover data leaks, and implement automated policies to prevent them.

The system supports the inspection of content flows and enforces policies in most TCP protocols including SMTP, FTP, HTTP and web mail. It supports protection of structured data and unstructured content in over 390 different file formats including Microsoft Office documents, CAD drawings, image files, rich media, and industry-specific application formats. The CI-1500 includes integrated support for the Voltage SecureMail Gateway to provide organizations with a comprehensive "protect and secure" solution. Using an on-board Mail Transfer Agent (MTA), this policy-based solution protects information from unauthorized transmission and secures authorized information by automatically encrypting messages prior to transmission, using identity-based encryption (IBE). It automates compliance with privacy regulations, prevents information leaks, and produces an audit trail without requiring user training or intervention.

Key features of the CI-1500 include: Deep Content Fingerprinting for capacity, detection, and fewer false positives in all languages including non-Roman character sets; On-Board SMTP MTA Blocking Capability with policy options for re-routing to a secure messaging encryption server such as PGP or Voltage; Content Connectors designed to enable automatic fingerprinting of content in EMC Documentum and Oracle Stellent content repositories with use of metadata search attributes; Flexible Policy Definition provides the ability to define policies that meet the organization's business needs. Pre-defined policy components and web-based wizards are designed to facilitate policy definition; and Incident and Workflow Management are designed to enable the content authority to analyze an incident, take corrective action, and close it. Comments may be recorded at each step and saved to provide a defensible audit trail. The CI-1500 is a 2U form-factor appliance with two dual-core Intel Xeon CPU's, 1.2TB local disk storage, 8GB of RAM, and RAID-5 storage. The product is currently available in 250, 1000, and unlimited user license versions.