Clutch Research Dives into the World of Wearables

Nov 22, 2018

91% of wearables owners connect their devices to their smartphones, according to a new Clutch survey. However, only 6% connect their wearables to the same applications as another IoT device.

Clutch surveyed 503 people about the connected devices they own, how they use connected devices, and how they plan to invest in them in the future.

We found that 35% of people own a wearable device, the second-most common consumer IoT device behind smart home appliances. Apple Watch (41%) is the most popular type of wearable product people own, ahead of FitBit and Samsung devices.

Key findings from the survey include:

  • People use wearable devices primarily to track exercise and fitness (70%) and check the time (61%). Over half (52%) also use them to communicate.
  • Wearables don’t drive IoT investment. Over half of people (52%) who own wearables don’t plan to invest in an IoT device in the next year.
  • People who own wearable devices don’t use them as often as other IoT devices. Only 23% of people use a wearable the most compared to other connected devices.

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