Cloudwords Partners with Lilt to Offer Interactive Machine Translation

Apr 18, 2017

Cloudwords, a software provider for global content localization, announced it has partnered with Lilt, an AI-infused translation platform, to deliver an end-to-end localization solution that incorporates the best of both Cloudwords’ and Lilt’s technology solutions. Cloudwords says its software speeds global marketing workflows, and Lilt’s interactive Machine Translation (MT) and CAT software boosts translator productivity. Together, the companies say they will offer multinational organizations with high volume, complex localization demands the ability to shorten localization turnaround times, reduce cost and increase quality for multilingual content.

Lilt’s technology enables a human and machine partnership to accelerate human translation and improve machine translation quality. As users translate on Lilt, the system offers translation suggestions and learns from human feedback. Lilt learns from that feedback in real-time, eliminating lag time for system re-training, which it says typically takes days or weeks. The system increases the productivity of a translator by 2-3 times, and improves overall localization quality and message consistency.