Cloudwords' Integrates with Sitecore to Enable Multi-Language Customer Experiences

Nov 11, 2014


Cloudwords announced integration with Sitecore, a provider of customer experience management solutions, to deliver an automated solution for marketers to optimize the globalization of content to deliver highly relevant, personalized, and localized digital experiences to engage multilingual audiences, grow global market share, and drive international revenue. Cloudwords for Sitecore delivers workflow automation benefits designed to speed and simplify the localization of digital assets so world-ready content can be created and delivered in less time.

Personalized customer experiences are most effective when content is delivered in the audience's native language. Cloudwords for Sitecore makes it easier for users to select the content in Sitecore that needs to be translated, then Cloudwords automatically extracts the content, sends it for translation, and automatically returns the new translated content to the original templates in Sitecore.

Cloudwords allows Sitecore customers to continue working with their preferred translation service providers while both customers and translators benefit from workflow automation capabilities, including enhanced visibility into project status and improved collaboration across departments, teams and vendors. Further, Cloudwords offers complete multilingual asset management, including translation memory, multilingual glossaries and style guides, and reporting and analytics to monitor translation spend and usage.