Cloudwords Debuts Next Generation Translation Review Capability

Oct 28, 2014


OneReview, a new feature of the Cloudwords Marketing Globalization Platform, launched for marketers, their translation agencies, and in-house reviewers looking to accelerate translation processes, improve translation quality, and speed up international marketing initiatives. OneReview puts managers, reviewers, and translation providers on the same page, improving workflow, collaboration, and efficiency at one of the most challenging stages of the translation process. Now, with a centralized cloud-based review platform, all collaborators involved in the translation review process can standardize and optimize reviews across all content channels and agencies.

OneReview delivers shared visibility all along the review process, streamlining project workflow, and reducing project delays caused by multiple documents and file formats. All stakeholders can view source text and translations side by side, review them simultaneously, enter suggested edits, submit back to translation service providers, and approve final versions. Whether users work with multiple, different content systems and many translation vendors, the localization review process is standardized for all collaborators and reviewers.