Cloudwords Announces In-Context Review

Apr 16, 2015

Cloudwords, a provider of cloud-based translation management and automation, announced the availability of "In-Context Review," a new capability designed to further enhance, simplify, and accelerate the translation review process. Built into the platform's OneReview feature, In-Context Review enables customers and their in-house reviewers to view, edit, comment, and finalize translated content within its final layout, regardless of format or file type. By providing a web-based, intuitive and customizable review interface, Cloudwords aims to eliminate one of the biggest pain points in the localization process, dramatically reducing the time it takes to get translated content to market.

By enabling all reviewers to access, view, and edit translated content within the context of its final format-whether it is an email, newsletter, landing page, word document, or webpage-directly in Cloudwords, reviewers are able to more quickly make edits or approve text because they no longer have to copy and paste content in and out of different platforms, manage multiple, marked-up versions of the same translation, or login to numerous unfamiliar platforms. In-Context Review is compatible with all content types and systems.