Cloudwords Announces Capability to Translate Dynamic Marketing Automation Content for Customized Digital Experiences

Jan 08, 2015

Cloudwords, a cloud-based platform accelerating content globalization at scale, announced extended translation automation capabilities for customers using Marketo and Oracle Eloqua. Cloudwords' new dynamic content feature builds upon the company's integrations with leading marketing automation platforms.

This newest release helps centralized marketing organizations, and smaller marketing teams, reach audiences in multiple languages while still only necessitating the creation of a single campaign within their marketing automation platform. Cloudwords automatically converts dynamic content segments in Marketo or Oracle Eloqua assets - like emails and landing pages - into the right language for a given recipient based on location. 

In addition to support for dynamic content, Cloudwords' latest release gives customers using its integration with Marketo the ability to "clone" pre-approved programs, reducing setup time for localized marketing campaigns. Users can duplicate an existing program and make necessary adjustments for different markets. It is ideal for large enterprises with distributed teams who want to run and manage campaigns regionally. The clone program feature automates the localized campaign creation process for each region, but provides flexibility to each team to manage execution and measurement.