Cloudwords Announces Adobe InDesign Functionality

Jun 22, 2017

Cloudwords, a software provider for global content localization, announced new platform functionality to simplify the process of localizing Adobe InDesign documents. The new features allow Cloudwords users to review and edit translated text in InDesign page layouts within Cloudwords OneReview, the platform’s in-context review capability, without the need to purchase or learn how to use InDesign software. Cloudwords also announced new functionality to transcribe and localize closed captions for a range of video file formats, which enables users to review and directly edit translated closed captions in videos. These new functions deliver significant time and cost savings for Cloudwords customers who market to global audiences in multiple languages.

The slow, manual process required to translate, review, and edit marketing assets created in InDesign is a major source of frustration for global marketers because InDesign documents need to be saved as pdf files to share for review and markups. With Cloudwords’ new functionality, the localization workflow is automated, and marketing managers, regional marketers, translators, and other non-design professionals are able to easily make edits and comments directly to InDesign page layouts within Cloudwords, accelerating the process to create and deliver multilingual content for global markets.

Cloudwords also makes it possible for global marketers to transcribe and localize video closed captions. Once users upload the source content, Cloudwords automates the workflow and allows users to either request transcription services, or simply submit subtitles and closed caption files for localization. Once localization is complete, Cloudwords builds and delivers the new closed caption files. Post-translation reviewers are able to see the video and easily select a closed caption and edit the translated text, as well as the caption timings, then preview the video with the changes in Cloudwords OneReview.