"Cloud-Sourced" Novel Goes Live

Jan 16, 2013

Silvia Hartmann's The Dragon Lords, "the world's first" novel written and edited totally in the cloud, is now available for sale in both ebook and Paperback formats from all major retailers.

The book launch was hosted last month at Google's UK headquarters, where author Silvia Hartmann was joined by fans and journalists from all over the UK, as well as connecting with contributors to the project from around the world, from Alaska, New Jersey, and Germany, using Google+ Hangout technology.

The book is the outcome of the Naked Writer Project, in which Hartmann wrote the entire 76,000 word novel online in front of a global audience of thousands, who could look in on every key being typed, add their comments and influence the plot.

Written between the September 12 and November 11 of 2012, more than 13,000 people interacted with the book, all hosted on Google Docs, Google's collaborative word processing tool. Hartmann's daily 90 minute sessions, which averaged 16 words per minute, could be followed by hundreds of followers via the click of a web link. Comments could then be added to the manuscript in real time, which she responded to.