Clipblast! Introduces Video Widget

Sep 28, 2007

ClipBlast!, an internet video search and navigation platform, unveiled its new ClipBlast! Video Widget. The ClipBlast! Video Widget is an internet video search and navigation tool that resides on the desktop, enabling search, navigation, browsing, and viewing of the Video Web without having to launch a browser or visit a specific website. ClipBlast! is working with video-content providers--including MySpace, Showtime, Fox, CBS and independent producers--to create customized, branded versions of the Video Widget for specific target audiences. ClipBlast's Video Widget goes beyond pure video search, intending to help viewers personalize and discover videos, using streaming real-time indexing to alert them of the most recent and relevant videos as they come online. The Video Widget, like the ClipBlast! video search platform itself, was built as a Web 2.0 application, to ensure that viewers have access to the entire Video Web.