Clipblast! Adds ‘Real-Time Ticker’ of Web Video

Jun 15, 2007

ClipBlast!, a web video search and navigation platform, has unveiled an enhanced version of its video search toolbar, with a “Real-Time Ticker” that highlights video as it is released across the web. Any website or blog can embed the free video search bar. ClipBlast!’s Real-Time Ticker is a scrolling electronic display that highlights just-uploaded video, giving viewers a glimpse of what’s new and being released on the video web. ClipBlast! continuously indexes the web for video content, and has indexed thousands of content providers. Webmasters and bloggers can embed the new search bar by cutting and pasting a few lines of HTML code into any web page or blog. The code is available at the ClipBlast! website, by clicking “Add Search Bar” from the “Cool Tools” section of ClipBlast!’s home page.