ClipBlast! Indexes Video for Websites; Introduces Free Search Box

Oct 06, 2006

ClipBlast!, a video search engine, has announced that it will index video for websites, and introduced a free, downloadable search box, designed to enable website owners to quickly implement video site search and monetize video content. Website owners can add ClipBlast!'s search box to their sites, by copying and pasting HTML code. ClipBlast's technology gives users the ability to search for video clips from within a single site, video blog (vlog) or across the entire web. For site owners, ClipBlast! offers back-end video search technology that organizes video libraries, which enables content to be monetized. The company's technology crawls the web in search of video, then categorizes video files, web pages, and feeds so that the most relevant clips can be served up in real-time, on demand.