Clicktivated Survey Reveals Insights About Consumers’ Ecommerce Patterns

Nov 05, 2019

Clicktivated, an interactive platform that connects viewers to products and information inside video as they watch, announced today the results of a proprietary survey on consumers’ online shopping and browsing opinions, revealing new insights that can help brands reach target audiences more effectively and increase user engagement and ultimately drive sales.

Additional results from the survey revealed trends including:

  • Online shopping is a purposeful activity: More consumers said they make purchases online for apparel, personal wellness products, household goods, or tech gadgets a few times a month (26%), versus once a week or a few times a week (each 16%)
  • Consumers are more thoughtful when shopping online: 3 in 5 consumers (66% of respondents) said only half or a quarter of their online purchases are unplanned or spontaneous decisions.
  • Gathering information about desired products is often tedious: Over half of respondents sometimes feel that it takes too much time to seek out and find information about products they’ve seen online and would like to buy, with another 10% saying this is an issue they face all the time.
  • Websites and social media win the consumer’s time: On a typical day, the highest amount of people said they spend the most time online reading website content (33%) and browsing social media (30%), over watching YouTube or news videos (21%) and streaming TV shows/movies (16%).
  • Simplicity is key: 3 in 5 (58%) of respondents said it’s important to have quick and simple access to information and products through video as they watch.
  • Outside recommendations and ads are more effective: The two most popular places where consumers say they typically see products online that they end up purchasing are in an article or recommendation on a news website or blog (34% of respondents) and social media ads (32% of respondents). 

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