ClickandBuy Announces Version 2.0

Dec 12, 2006

ClickandBuy, an online payment service for web-based and mobile content, has announced its latest product update ClickandBuy Version 2.0. ClickandBuy is a payment service that handles more than payment processing and also offers fraud detection, live customer care, and ecommerce consulting implementation services to merchants.

This version includes a new upgrade to its digital payments platform, a new logo, and new web navigation. Other new features include: the ability for users to hold money on balance in a personal ClickandBuy account (eWallet), designed to eliminate the need for "pay as you go" for the buying of digital content; more billing options, with eCheck, debit/credit, and phone billing of digital content to a phone bill; the ability for users to set personal spending limits; parents can opt out of adult content, which allows for the monitoring of digital entertainment in the home; allows merchants to charge for all types of payments including yearly subscriptions, monthly fees, and micropayments; a new corporate identity is created where Click&Buy changed to ClickandBuy; new page designs and layouts were created to improve usability; and in the first quarter of next year ClickandBuy will introduce phone billing of digital content in the U.S. and will enable peer to peer payments.