ClearVoice Unveils a Content Marketplace and New Intelligence Tools

Aug 31, 2015

ClearVoice, a content marketing platform and service solution, announced a "Creators Marketplace" and two content intelligence tools--"Influencer Search" and "Idea Lab"--as a part of an end-to-end content solution. ClearVoice says it bridges the gap between brands and content creators, fostering collaboration and enabling scalable content production. Companies can plan, recruit, create, distribute and measure all within a single platform.

In the Creators Marketplace users can conduct a casting call to find and hire the right match for any campaign. Users can receive qualified matches, review creators, and choose the best fit. Companies can favorite creators or block creators from future casting calls, and companies always set their own price for content. Additionally, all freelancer payments can be handled via the platform.

With Content Intelligence Tools, the Idea Lab and Influencer Search work together to produce a content strategy. The ClearVoice index analyzes billions of data points to identify the most influential content creators and their respective published works.