ClearStory Systems Releases Radiant Enterprise Media Server 2.0

Apr 19, 2005


ClearStory Systems, a provider of enterprise content management solutions, has announced the release of the Radiant Enterprise Media Server (EMS) 2.0, an enhanced version of its media services software platform. Radiant EMS features functionality for managing complex video, graphics, compound documents, and other rich media, and a flexible foundation for forward-looking enterprise content management (ECM). A pure J2EE system with services-oriented architecture (SOA), Radiant EMS is designed to offer advanced capabilities for the management of rich media, providing deployment flexibility; alignment with current best practices in IT infrastructure; and the ability to integrate with and leverage third party and open source media processing tools.

Radiant EMS was developed to support wide ranging and complex file types with the ability to ingest and manage links between related files. File types supported include encoded video formats as well as specialized metadata types such as vdf. Radiant EMS offers compound document capabilities for complex file types like Adobe InDesign and Quark Xpress. Enhanced taxonomy, metadata, and security features provide modeling flexibility. Radiant EMS also supports asset-level security and permissions.