ClearStory Systems Partners With n-tara

Oct 13, 2006


ClearStory Systems, Inc., a provider of contemporary digital asset management (DAM) solutions, has announced a partnership with n-tara, Inc., a provider of digital media products and services for business communications. The companies are collaborating to develop a suite of presentation management solutions.

ClearStory plans to leverage its DAM security model to enable role-driven rules that control access and lock down presentation content and attributes. The solution is designed to ensure brand consistency and synchronize content across all presentations that may share elements and graphics. The suite is designed to improve the effectiveness of presentations, ensuring that correct messaging is used, more multi-media options are being offered, and brand elements are consistent and in compliance. n-tara's technology allows users to create presentations. This jointly developed presentation suite will provide flexibility, ease of use, a rich feature set, user portability, secure versioning, and a common workspace for idea sharing among teams. The first version of this presentation management solution is expected to launch by end of Q4 of 2006.