ClearStory Systems Announces Web Services Interface

Oct 10, 2006


ClearStory Systems, Inc., a provider of contemporary digital asset management (DAM) solutions, has announced that it will offer a web services interface for its digital media services platform, Enterprise Media Server (EMS). Based on a Web Services Framework, applications using this interface can leverage digital media managed by ActiveMedia, ClearStory's flagship web-based DAM application built on EMS.

The web services interface is designed to expand ClearStory's ability to power the digital media supply chain, by providing integration with existing enterprise digital media infrastructure using common web services standards, including Web Services Description Language (WSDL), SOAP, and XML. This includes authoring and editing software, workflow engines, CRM and billing systems, content delivery infrastructure, web content management systems, and marketing portals. The interface will also allow ClearStory's Java EE-based software to work with .NET environments, providing its customers and development partners a basis for interoperable and platform-agnostic digital media solutions.

The interface provides a core set of services for building secure, scalable digital media applications. These include services for authentication, asset, and collection search, retrieval of assets, metadata, collections, compound documents, versions, and renditions, as well as creation, versioning, and update of assets, metadata, compound documents, renditions, and collections. The interface enforces EMS's asset level security model, only allowing users to execute services for which they are privileged on assets, which they have permission to access. The Company expects the Web Services interface to be available in December.