ClearStory Systems Announces Latest Version of Radiant EMS

Aug 19, 2005

ClearStory Systems, a provider of digital asset management (DAM) and enterprise content management (ECM) systems, has announced the release of the Radiant Enterprise Media Server (EMS) 2.1, an enhanced version of its media services platform. The new release builds on the product's enterprise DAM capability, now offering integration with IBM DB2 Content Manager and expanded standard database support to include IBM DB2 Universal Database, Microsoft SQL Server, and additional versions of Oracle 9i.

Radiant EMS is a pure J2EE system with capabilities for the management of rich media assets--digital video, graphics, multi-media presentations, and compound documents. Unlike the second-generation DAM products on the market, Radiant EMS is a peerless third-generation solution that the company says offers a lower total cost of ownership, scalability, performance, and application deployment flexibility. Integration with IBM DB2 Content Manager is designed to allow companies to leverage their existing ECM infrastructure, centralizing all enterprise content while incorporating high value rich media assets into enterprise business processes. Radiant EMS 2.1 is available in both hosted and licensed configurations, and is shipping now.