ClearKey Provides DRM for The Record Pool

Aug 12, 2003

The Record Pool has launched a music format that allows its subscribers to burn its music files to a CD. This service is designed to provide DJs, recording artists, and other music professionals a secure online site to post new recordings, as well as a secure means to download and store that music on a CD format. ClearKey Solutions, a provider of digital rights management solutions, is providing the DRM software to protect the music files and enable this membership service.

The Record Pool is offering special "Secure Burn To CD" premium membership subscriptions and service upgrades for existing members. To use the service you need: a computer running Microsoft Windows, a CD burner, access to the Internet, and Windows Media Player 9 series, or above. Over 120 record labels and 2,000 radio club, and mobile DJ's are currently participating in The Record Pool's online membership service.

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