ClearForest to Power FBI's New Counter-Terrorism Data System

Apr 15, 2003


ClearForest has announced that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has selected ClearTags and ClearResearch from ClearForest to power the agency's new data management system. ClearResearch will be used to quickly analyze the FBI's entire document repository--over 1 billion existing documents plus up to one thousand new documents per day--improving collaboration around the FBI's terrorism-related information, both internally and with the CIA, the Department of Homeland Security, and other Federal agencies. The data management system is intended to enhance the government's ability to thwart terrorist attacks. The FBI will deploy ClearResearch on the desktops of all 300 analysts in the agency, enabling them to explore counter-terrorism intelligence gathered from disparate sources, and to respond immediately and efficiently to field events. ClearForest offers a platform and products that read, extract, and process unstructured content from multiple sources. ClearForest hybrid tagging techniques extract information from documents, tag them, and highlight pertinent entities, events, facts and relationships, producing richly tagged XML. ClearForest's business intelligence applications integrate the tagged content and deliver highly visual, interactive summaries designed to accelerate understanding and enable educated decisions.