ClearForest Announces Partner-Ready Platform and Technology Roadmap

Mar 01, 2005

ClearForest, a provider of text-driven business intelligence solutions, has announced its product roadmap and strategic direction for 2005. In March, ClearForest will deliver a partner-ready version of its Text Analytics Platform and over the next ten months, plans to forge relationships with key enterprise partners to deliver a host of industry-specific unified business intelligence solutions.

The latest version of the ClearForest Text Analytics Suite, version 6.1, is architected specifically to meet the needs of current and prospective partners. The new version delivers improved extraction and integration features, more extensive analytics capabilities, and extended platform support for Linux, UNIX and Itanium (64 bit). The enhanced ClearForest Text Analytics Suite provides partners with a complete platform for building out unified business intelligence solutions across a wide range of industries. Technology enhancements for ClearForest's Text Analytics Platform, version 6.1 focus on improving extraction, scalability, integration and analytics capabilities. Highlights include improved extraction, integration, and rich extraction as well as enhacements to its analytic functionality.

The company has issued an overview of its 2005 Partner and Technology Roadmap: It Version 6.1 of its Text Analytics platform, which will be generally available March 14, 2005, ClearForest plans to provide a partner-ready platform with efficient integration capabilities to speed build time for partner-initiated industry-specific applications. Industry-specific applications that are available immediately with release 6.1 include: Quality Early Warning, Federal Intelligence, and Corporate and People Profiles. Moving forward, the company pans to partner in an effort to provide industry-specific solutions for markets including: Manufacturing/Industrial, Publishing, High-Tech, and Consumer Packaged Goods.