Clay Tablet Integrates With Adlib Software

Jun 22, 2007

Clay Tablet Technologies, a translation middleware company, has announced support for Adlib Software’s document transformation engine Express Server. The connectivity is designed to help Clay Tablet customers and their Language Service Providers (LSPs) manage the translation of documents to and from Adobe PDF and other file formats.

The integration is designed to allow companies using Clay Tablet to review and circulate translated proofs from their LSP in PDF format, without having to have the original application the document was authored in. If a document was authored in QuarkXPress, for instance, the translated version could be transformed into PDF for its review cycle. Reviewers would no longer need QuarkXPress.

Clay Tablet’s software automates the flow of text between content management and systems used by LSPs. Capable of connecting any content storage system to any globalization software system, Clay Tablet can help customers integrate and manage the content storage and authoring systems that may be used across an organization.