Class Action Suit Filed By Interns Against Hearst Corp.

Feb 02, 2012

A woman from Brooklyn, N.Y., is suing Hearst Communications, Inc. for wages she says are owed to her and others who interned at Harper's Bazaar and other Hearst magazines since Feb. 2006. Xuedan Wang filed a complaint in Manhattan federal court, claiming she was not paid for working 40-55 hours per week during 2011.

The class action suit says Hearst, whose publications include Cosmopolitan and Good Housekeeping, violated federal and New York state minimum wage, overtime, and record-keeping laws. The plaintiffs are seeking millions in compensation for interns across the country and for a subset of people who worked in New York.

According to Reuters, "a company may legally offer unpaid internships so long as they are educational and benefit the intern and not necessarily the employer, according to information published on the Department of Labor's website."