Clarabridge Announces Platform Updates

Mar 22, 2018


Clarabridge, Inc., a provider of Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions, announced updates to its suite of CX products. With these enhancements, Clarabridge will better equip companies with actionable insights from every customer interaction to reduce customer churn, increase ROI and drive sales. From mobile application enhancements to advanced AI-powered Text Analytics, these Clarabridge updates will allow companies to make better business decisions grounded in customer feedback, thus driving brand loyalty.

Clarabridge not only allows companies to harvest, bring together and analyze all of this data but it also enables them to engage and close the loop with their customers where they are. New features to CX Social include: 

  • Better Connect with Customers On the Go:The Clarabridge Inbox Mobile App has been completely revamped and now includes popular desktop features such as Crisis Plans, Conversation View, and Approval Workflows, empowering brands to seamlessly respond to customers and engage with them in real-time and on-the-go. This application uses the full power of the Clarabridge AI platform to aggregate all brand mentions in one place, automatically sorting, categorizing, routing, and prioritizing feedback for agents to quickly and effectively respond, without requiring them to be at a desk. Clarabridge Inbox is available on the iTunes App Store and in Google Play. 
  • Reach Every Customer: With these new updates, Clarabridge now allows brands to leverage the power of CX Social through cloud-based instant messaging service, Telegram. Adding this popular communication channel highlights Clarabridge’s commitment to ensuring that brands using CX Social are able to meet and engage customers where they are and in their channel of choice.
  • Increase Internal Productivity: Companies with a public knowledge base can now connect it to CX Social utilizing Bing’s Customer Search to expedite the search process for agents looking to provide customers with helpful resources. Additionally, for companies with multiple social profiles, the Clarabridge platform now allows brands to save these to dedicated groups.

Clarabridge says its updates to its CX Analytics offerings arm companies with the latest AI-powered technology to uncover actionable insights that enhance customer experience and drive brand loyalty. These include:

  • Detect Churn Before it Happens: Clarabridge’s NLP technology and the latest Machine Learning Techniques will now allow companies to identify with great precision which customers are likely to churn based on the linguistic features of their feedback. With this new Clarabridge release, companies will be able to use the “Churn” sentence type within Case Management to flag at-risk customers and pair them with an agent equipped to intervene. Additionally, aggregating feedback flagged with the “Churn” sentence type will reveal patterns enabling companies to understand why customers are not staying brand loyal, providing them with the power to make changes that keep customers on their side.  
  • Listening to the Voice of the Customer, in Their Own Language: With this release, Clarabridge added Tagalog to its list of NLP language packs. Clarabridge language packs allow companies to listen to the true voice of their customers, in their native language, rather than relying on translations that lose context and hurt accuracy.
  • Comparative Analysis and Crosstabs for Powerful Insights: With Clarabridge’s new Filtered Metrics, companies can perform complex calculations over custom subsets of data to better connect data points and identify key trends (regardless of how disparate those datasets may seem). For example, companies can now compare trends in sentiment for multiple airlines, across different airports in a single line graph to illuminate industry pain-points and devise appropriate solutions. Companies can also create ad-hoc crosstab comparisons of different brands’ products side-by-side to devise competitive strategies.