Clarabridge Announces CX Revolution

May 04, 2017

During its annual customer experience conference C3, Clarabridge, Inc., a provider of Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions, announced CX Revolution—a vision to empower brands with the necessary tools to integrate data-driven customer experience into the fabric of every business. Driving a CX Revolution ensures a universal focus on customer experience across all levels of the organization. This gives brands the power to take action to drive the best possible outcomes in a climate where one bad interaction can make or break a business.

Clarabridge says it is powering the CX Revolution through product updates to the Clarabridge suite. AI-based Conversational Surveys, Omni-channel Case Management, BOT Integration and Predictive Analytics are just a few of the features the company says will drive major CX advances.

In order for customers to predict outcomes and ensure a flawless customer experience now and in the future, the Clarabridge platform is empowering brands to revolutionize their business through a complete and factual understanding of the customer experience. Clarabridge’s CX Revolution focuses on three key areas of improvement, allowing companies to:

  • Listen Everywhere
  • Analyze Everything
  • Engage Everyone

Clarabridge will be releasing these features starting in May of 2017, continuing the blitz of new solutions from over the last year including.