Clarabridge Adds New Crisis Management Solution to Social Customer Service

Oct 31, 2017

Clarabridge, Inc., a provider of Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions, announced the first-ever, full-service solution designed specifically for brands to easily create and implement social media crisis plans across all departments within their organization. This new CX Social feature allows companies to safeguard their planned promotional campaigns against the possibility of an emergency situation, ensuring that they maintain their reputation during trying times that demand quick action and sensitivity.

Clarabridge collaborated with dozens of brands to beta test the solution and applied those lessons to create a first-of-its-kind product feature that leverages customization and automation to aid companies as they plan for the worst. No one company is alike, so their social media crisis plans shouldn’t be either. Clarabridge’s new Crisis Management Solution affords brands the flexibility to customize their plan of action, communication with customers, and adjust workflow in the event of a crisis when it can be difficult to manage high incoming volumes. Features of the solution include:

  • Predefined crisis plans: Through CX Social, brands can preset and assign actions within the organization so that all agents are aware of the situation and how they should react with a single click.
  • Automated actions: This feature automates crisis management when a difficult situation strikes, so employees can focus on what matters most—attending to customers. CX Social will automatically cancel scheduled posts for selected accounts, send a full list of instructions to all necessary parties including links to other internal crises documentation, and alert all concerned teams with application-wide warnings.
  • Flexibility with permissions: In the event of a crisis, key stakeholders and administrators might not be readily available to set a crisis plan into action. CX Social allows for managers to create presets that extend temporary permissions to additional agents automatically during a crisis situation.
  • Crisis customization: There are a number of different scenarios companies must prepare for—from product recalls and competitor product launches to emergency weather situations. CX Social has made it possible to define different types of crises and customize individual workflows accordingly.