Choicestream Launches MyBestBets Personalization Platform

Aug 22, 2003

ChoiceStream, Inc., a provider of personalization solutions for online consumer services, e-retailers, and iTV providers, has launched the MyBestBets Personalization Platform, a patent-pending personalization technology that is designed to automatically deliver relevant content and products to consumers.

America Online (AOL) is the first licensee of the Platform. AOL has deployed the Platform in its entertainment and shopping areas, where it enables members to indicate their preferences for movies, television, music, retail products, and more, and then tailors the content and products consumers see to their individual interests.

The MyBestBets Personalization Platform provides personalization capabilities that are intended to make it easier for consumers to navigate content spaces. ChoiceStream applies statistical techniques, known as Bayesian Choice Modeling in an effort to understand users. By knowing how consumers think about content, and by using statistical techniques to classify content and products in terms of attributes people care about, ChoiceStream aims to match each individual consumer's needs and interests with the content they are most likely to enjoy.

ChoiceStream's Platform integrates into customers existing Web- and TV-based applications. Depending on a customer's business model, recommendations can be provided online, via email, instant messenger, or via a set-top box interface.