ChoiceStream Launches CRUNCH Audience Targeting Platform

Jul 14, 2011

ChoiceStream, a developer of online personalized marketing solutions for major brands, is launching its CRUNCH audience targeting platform. CRUNCH is built around proprietary intent data that can be used to predict how audiences will react to brand messages, helping users find brand prospects and form display ad-based marketing strategies.

CRUNCH combines a proprietary database of consumer intentions from partners with access to select behavioral data to customize the audience most likely to respond to a display ad campaign. CRUNCH offers a full service, end-to-end solution to agencies and advertisers that helps tackle the problem of manually configuring audience segments, sourcing media and tracking performance. To expand its data footprint, CRUNCH integrated with selected data management platforms, such as AlmondNet Data Division and eXelate. Through AppNexus, it also has the option to use real-time bidding to get the inventory and ad serving necessary for large-scale campaigns.