ChoiceStream Introduces CRUNCH for Custom Audience Targeting

Jun 28, 2011


ChoiceStream, which offers personalized online marketing solutions, launched CRUNCH, a custom audience targeting platform that makes use of proprietary intent data in order to predict how audiences will react to marketing. Brands can use CRUNCH to reach the audience most likely to respond to its display ad campaign, regardless of the prospects' location online. CRUNCH focuses on audience targeting at the individual level, rather than targeting large segments of the online population. It learns by observing attributes of each customer who responds to the campaign, and creates a customized audience segment specific to each brand message.

CRUNCH builds on ChoiceStream's decade of harnessing customer data to power marketing performance. It is designed to allow agencies and advertisers to better target ad campaigns based on CRUNCH's audience analytics. CRUNCH is integrated with data management platforms that include AlmondNet Data Division and eXelate, and real-time bidding ad platform AppNexus.