ChinaNet Online Holdings Launches Mobile Advertising Platform

Mar 10, 2011

ChinaNet Online Holdings, Inc., a full-service B2B Internet service provider that helps small and medium-sized enterprises expand their sales networks in China, announced the launch of a mobile platform that includes SMS text functionality to drive increased traffic to its portal. ChinaNet's mobile platform is formatted to display franchise information for all wireless phones, including smartphones. Initial testing of the platform began in December 2010 and was formally rolled out to customers on March 1.

The new mobile platform allows ChinaNet to send SMS text messages to entrepreneurs, alerting them to new franchise opportunities posted to Users can click on an embedded linkto be taken to the mobile WAP or main website where they can get access to additional information.

Founded in 2003 and based in Beijing, PRC, ChinaNet's services include its portal, Internet advertising and marketing, brand management and sales channel solutions, and cloud-based management tools.