Chicago Digital Distribution Center Digitizes Backlist Books for University Presses

Jun 25, 2004

The Chicago Digital Distribution Center has chosen TechBooks to digitize over 2,800 backlist books published by university presses for deposit in the BiblioVault repository. This effort will convert text, covers, and jackets for use in printing, online full-text searches, and eventually for online delivery to researchers around the world.

Founded in 2001, the Chicago Digital Distribution Center (CDDC) comprises Digital Printing Services, including the first short-run digital printing center operated through the distribution center of an American university press, and the BiblioVault, an electronic repository for digital files for backlist and current university press titles. The CDDC enables university presses to manage their books throughout their lifecycles. Its digitization program, BiblioVault repository, and digital printing services allow university presses to keep in print titles that sell few copies and to bring back out-of-print titles for ongoing research and teaching.

TechBooks will work with the CDDC to convert backlist books into electronic form, a process that will include scanning books and jackets to create print-ready PDF files. The books will also be OCRed to provide searchability with each such page tagged with page level metadata. XML-tagged tables of contents will be linked to the book elements to facilitate provision of these books in digital form as their publishers desire. As specified by BiblioVault, TechBooks will create a value-added solution to ensure long-term use, reuse, and repackaging of content allowing archiving and storage irrespective of operating system and software.