CheckM8 Releases Rich Media Manager for Publishers

Mar 04, 2008


CheckM8 Inc. (pronounced "checkmate"), an ad technology provider for publishers, announced it has released a new version of its Rich Media Manager (RMM) platform for publishers. CheckM8's RMM is a rich media system that is designed to enable online publishers to produce their own sophisticated rich media formats in-house, without relying on third party vendors. With RMM, online publishers can create varieties of ad formats to engage viewers, no longer restricting publishers to a finite set of formats that are essentially the same as what their competitors' offer. The 3.6 version of RMM contains new features for novel format capabilities and content controls including a content analysis engine for contextual ad formats that can animate targeted words or trigger rich experiences related to keywords; dynamic control and sequence of video ad overlays on Flash and Streaming Video content players; and skinned video ad delivery to any page location.