Chatmeter Launches Workflow to Simplify User Review Management

Nov 06, 2018

Chatmeter, a provider of local search marketing and reputation management, launched Chatmeter’s Workflow, an all-in-one technology platform that simplifies the process of coordinating, escalating and responding to user reviews, local listing data errors, and social media commentary. This all-inclusive platform was designed specifically for multi-location brands to control the social local conversation at a national scale with ease.

For businesses with hundreds or thousands of locations, managing real-time consumer concerns, recommendations, business listings, or damaging social media posts for each location is an impossible task at scale. Through additional AI technology investments, Chatmeter’s Workflow creates an automated solution for multi-location businesses to overcome the complexities of this process.

Chatmeter says its Workflow tool is designed to make it easier for your whole team to accomplish every task needed to improve your brand’s online visibility.

  • Control – With real-time alerts and reporting, Workflow gives you the power to control the conversation and escalate what’s urgent. Greater visibility around what review, post, or listing, for which store or business location, what about it is being escalated, by who, and why.
  • Collaboration – Easier internal collaboration to alert, engage and progress appropriate conversations from the staff, store or district manager, tech or customer support or legal team to the CEO. Externally, you can respond to a review or social post without leaving the platform.
  • Urgency – Escalate what matters most to your business through “fast tracks” and real-time alerts to manage how a sensitive post, glowing review, or inaccurate listing is managed internally.
  • Ownership – Stronger accountability among teams with greater visibility into the process of which review and store or business location is where, and from what team member action is required.

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