Chatmeter Announces Pulse Enhancements

Sep 19, 2019

Chatmeter, a provider of local search marketing and review management, revealed several enhancements to Pulse, its text analysis tool, and Chatmeter Analytics Studio, its custom reporting and data analysis tool. Updated capabilities rooted in Chatmeter-built artificial intelligence (AI) offer 88% accuracy of customer information, a near 20% advantage over industry-standard tools. Chatmeter’s tools provide brands with the trusted and actionable business intelligence required to scale quickly, while keeping local level customer interactions and insights at the forefront.

Customers expect more than ever from brands – more localized business information and more personalized interactions. Nearly two-thirds (63%) of customers expect personalization as a standard of service and want to be treated as an individual. However, global businesses struggle to keep up, as scanning billions of unstructured data segments, including photographs and natural language posts, is impossible to do at scale without the help of technology.

Key Benefits for Enterprises Leveraging Pulse and Chatmeter Analytics Studio:

  • Empower Teams with Local Data – Visualize and share insights far beyond basic reporting via a robust data warehouse that offers customized reports and relevant snapshots for each location, for data relevant to all levels of an organization.
  • Evaluate Trends Over Time – Go beyond a moment in time with a historical, detailed look at customer experience and engagement week over week to track trends in sentiment.
  • Create Actionable Insights – Analyze local review data across all providers for national business visibility and understanding informed by local-level insights.
  • Unleash the Power of AI – Tap into natively-built machine learning and unparalleled natural language processing to manage and control unstructured data at scale; Chatmeter’s expertise ensures 88% accuracy – a new benchmark 18% above industry-average accuracy.
  • Test and Analyze New Business Strategies – Evaluate new business ideas, revenue channels, product opportunities, and marketing tactics by learning directly from live, honest customer feedback.

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