Cerience Introduces Free Software for PDAs, Smart Phones and Windows PCs

Jul 22, 2003

Cerience Corporation, a provider of document software for mobile devices, has announced it is offering free versions of its RepliGo Viewer software for mobile devices and Windows-based PCs. The software may be immediately downloaded or installed over-the-air to mobile devices at www.repligo.com.

This solution is designed to allow managers, publishers, content providers, and other users of the RepliGo conversion software to easily deploy cross-platform, light-weight document files to the mobile community via email, corporate networks, infrared, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or online. RepliGo uses document reflowing technology to keep the original document appearance intact while providing reading on small screens. RepliGo supports conversion of a variety of file formats including Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF, and Web pages. The conversion software is available for purchase online at www.cerience.com/buyrepligo.

New initiatives and software enhancements include: Free RepliGo Viewer software for mobile devices including Palm OS, Pocket PC, Microsoft Smartphone, Nokia 3650/7650 and Sony Ericsson P800 devices for viewing documents on the go. Free RepliGo Viewer for Windows enables desktop viewing, printing, and sharing of RepliGo documents. Compressed installation packages (starting below 95kb) enable over-the-air installation to mobile devices. Compressed cross-platform RepliGo documents minimize wireless data costs when sending via email or browsing on the Web. Convert, Compress, and Email feature enables wireless document delivery to mobile professionals in just a few steps. RepliGo Viewer enhancements allow for integration with third party email programs and Web browsers on mobile devices. Integration with Microsoft Internet Explorer enables Windows users to browse to and view RepliGo documents directly inside of their Web browser.

RepliGo Viewers are free and can be downloaded at www.repligo.com. The RepliGo 1.2 conversion and synchronization software is priced between $24.95 and $29.95 depending on device type. Upgrades from previous versions of RepliGo are free to registered users by reinstalling the new software. The software is available for a fully functional 14-day trial or purchase at the Cerience Web site and many Internet distribution sites.

(http://www.cerience.com), (http://www.cerience.com/buyrepligo), (http://www.repligo.com)