Cerebri AI launches Cerebri Values CX v2

Sep 24, 2019

Cerebri AI announced the official launch of its second-generation Cerebri Values Customer Experience platform (CV/CX v2), which is now in the hands of customers and in full production.  

CV/CX v2 measures customer engagement and uses engagement values to drive financial results – up-selling, cross-selling, managing churn and risk – the list of customer-focused key performance indicators (KPIs) is endless. CV/CX v2 is a leap forward in applying AI to draw insights from customer journeys and making recommendations that drive engagement and results. 

With CV/CX v2 insights, brand commitment (Cerebri Values) and Next Best Action{set}s (NBA{set}s), are driven by patent-pending object-oriented AI and reinforcement learning modeling methods, which can time, sequence and value up to four events, rendering both ‘“rules-based” and AI-lite” technology obsolete for driving maximum results.  

CV/CX v2 is all about taking full advantage of the seismic shift currently underway in large-scale enterprises, who are now in the process of building one customer journey for each of their customers.  These customer journeys include the vast amount of customer-focused data generated by internal corporate applications, including sales, marketing, support, surveys, website, telemetry, etc., and may include external events, such as macroeconomic events and internet-based data.

Further information on Cerebri AI’s CV/CX v2 platform: 

  •   It is a cloud-first or cloud-based enterprise solution
  •   Allows users to go from modeling pillar experiments to ML production seamlessly, at scale
  •   Delivers brand commitment via Cerebri Values, and CX insights and NBA{set}s in real-time
  •   Offers a distributed, containerized and resilient solution, that cost-effectively scales with demand 

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