Cenveo Publisher Suite Debuts

May 29, 2014

Cenveo Publisher Services, a digital and print services company, announced the release of its latest editorial and production solution. Cenveo Publisher Suite, featuring Smart EditSmart Compose, and Smart Proof, is a cloud-based ecosystem of tools that facilitate the creation, development, structure, and delivery of content.

Smart Edit is a pre-edit, copyedit, and conversion tool built to automate many common and labor-intense tasks that authors and editors perform during the content creation and production process.

Smart Compose is an automated composition engine that ingests content output from Smart Edit and generates proofs based on publishers' styles.

Smart Proof is an online proofing and correction tool that presents the composed content via any web browser and offers an interface to update that content in real time. 

With Smart EditSmart Compose, and Smart Proof, scholarly publishers of all sizes can now take advantage of XML-early workflows and ensure editorial integrity and document structure are mutually maintained.